Marketing concept

Vinlingua MarketingkonzeptHow do you showcase your company and product in such a way that your advertising reaches your target group safely without disappearing under the daily flood of information? Individual promotions such as advertisements in local newspapers or trade publications are expensive and all too often turn out to be money spent in vain.

It is more expedient to devise a well thought out, comprehensive marketing concept in which all individual measures are coordinated with each another. A strategic, creative market presence which is coherent in terms of content makes you distinctive and recognisable. This is how you can increase your returns and degree of brand awareness and also win over new customers.

An effective market presence starts with a plan.
People who know where the particular opportunities and possibilities are to be found can increase their market share and returns.
Vinlingua sits down with you to jointly plan your market presence and act as a one-stop shop to complete the entire project on your behalf:

• Situation analysis and profile of strengths/weakness
• Definition of objective and clarification of available budget
• Formulation of communications and design concept
• Development of content
• Development and implementation of individual measures
• In German, English and/or French

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